Wyre Forest Swimming Club

Ross PGL League

The Ross Junior League is made up of teams from swimming clubs in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and West Midlands.

Swimmers' ages range from 9 to 14. There are 4 rounds with the top 8 teams going into the final. This league uses speeding tickets (i.e. times that swimmers should not be faster than) to encourage clubs to field swimmers who may not always be selected for the National or Nuneaton Leagues.

Saturday 10th February 2018

Venue: Abbey Sports Centre, Redditch


1st   Northgate      159
2nd  Bromsgrove   149
3rd   Wyre Forest   128
4th   Haden Hill      112

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

Non attendance due to bad weather

Saturday 21st April 2018


Stourbridge             155
Oldbury 155
Wyre Forest 144
Evesham 125

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Saturday 5th May 2018



Pershore          166
Northgate        159
Worcester        139
Wyre Forest     95

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