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Friday 20th October 2017 was Amy Nicholl’s last training session with Wyre Forest Swimming Club. Amy Joined the club in January 2007 at the tender age of 6 and has been a stalwart of the club since then.



She has represented the Club in League Competitions and has been an ever-present face at Galas around the country throughout her time with WFSC. She may not have reached the giddy heights of some of her peers but she has certainly out-lived them in terms of dedication to swimming and training, maintaining an excellent attendance record throughout her time. For her fantastic attitude to training and her doggedness in determination to keep training for 10 years for the sheer enjoyment of it, she was awarded the Hogan Shield for Special Achievement in January 2016.

Now however Amy has decided it’s time to hang out the swimming costume to dry for the last time, and all of us at WFSC wish her all the best in the future, and hope she will come back to see us from time to time. Good luck Amy and thank you!



Saturday 6th January 6.30pm at the Kidderminster Harriers Sports & Social Club

£3 swimmer
£5 non swimmer

Every swimmer that swam at Club Champs is allocated a ticket plus one for their parent/guardian. As previously we will take names for extra tickets and any spaces left will be allocated accordingly ie parents, siblings, grandparents etc.

Orders can be placed via Facebook or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to Jeannette, Mandy Morton or Wendy Elwell or any member of the PSA who will be collecting the money.


Well doesn’t time fly; we’ve now had our first Open Meet of the season and our first Arena League and how nice it is to see our swimmers doing so well, we are sure this is an early sign that that the coaching team are getting it right. To compliment this, Brian’s news about Pete Carey joining the coaching team was great; his experience is certainly a massive plus for our Club.

We are still keen to sign up a major sponsor and with the new Club poolside shirts almost ready for the ‘catwalk’ the timing could not be better, so if you think your company or the company you work for may be interested in advertising or sponsoring our Club please contact either Kim Calder or Jim Crowther and they can let you have all the varying options.

I said in my last news update that Jane Newey had stepped down from the PR role and that Andrew Gilbert-Bevan had taken over, we are now delighted to announce that Jane has agreed to return to the media team as Club photographer. Andrew is always looking out for more people to help him in what is becoming an ever increasingly important and large job, all these roles come with a guarantee of no Committee involvement but the tremendous knowledge that you are massively helping the Club.

On a similar note I also announced that Mandy Morton was stepping down, again I am delighted to say that Mandy has decided to carry on with the sterling work she has done over the previous twelve months. To support Mandy in this role, I am pleased to also announce that Martin Brown has agreed to take on part of the job.

As you are aware the Club is a registered charity and as such we had thought we were eligible to receive gift aid and indeed had been claiming for twelve months. As you can imagine it came as a shock when the HMRC decided to put our account on hold, we had mirrored several other swimming club’s submissions and as such never considered and still don’t, that we had done anything wrong. We are now in a consultation period with the HMRC which currently is not showing any signs of a conclusion. Whilst we think we have a very strong case, it would be wrong of us not to draw to your attention to our budget deficit and as you would expect the Committee budget for a twelve month period and naturally this will have an effect.

So what are we doing apart from our protracted dealings with the HMRC, well the fastest way out of the current situation is to develop the Clubs numbers. As you will have seen, we are actively promoting our Club, Learn to Swim, the new Academy and now our Saturday One to Ones through social media, advertising and distributing specially designed leaflets. How can you help? Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising and we have the best swim teachers in Kidderminster. I regularly watch the LTS and Academy squads and the buzz is infectious and the Club is fortunate to have such a great bunch of teachers, so please shout this from the roof tops and let’s increase our numbers.

Nothing ever comes without effort and I am so pleased to say that with our current Head Coach at the helm, a fantastic PSA and Committee we really are moving in the right direction. There is a feel good factor around the Club again and interestingly we are working on a massive project at the moment that when it’s announced has the potential to change the swimming landscape for years to come. I’m hoping that in our next update we will be in a position to enlighten you more so watch this space.

But as I always say, we can’t achieve anything without your support, so please don’t sit there thinking we have it all under control, many hands make light work and every bit of extra help we get just makes our dreams become reality even faster.

Nigel Elwell

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Wyre Forest Swimmers had a great meet taking home a total of 49 medals in the recent annual Chase Roebuck swim meet! Held over two days the swimmers of Wyre Forest Swimming Club walked away with 16 Gold medals, 14 Silver medals and 19 bronze coupled with 14 regional qualifying times.

Swimmers who took part: Abbie Rowley, Adam Newey, Alexandra Hayes, Annie Cohen, Archie Darby-Duffield, Bradley Baddams, Chloe Lawson, Dylan Smith, Ella Rowley, Emily Watkiss, Erin Freer, Francesca Cook, Grace Darby-Duffield, Imogen Cook, Isabella Hoare, Jacob Cutler, James Green, Jasmin Yates, Jeremy Summers, Jessica Sadler, Lia Chance, Lillie Grover, Lois Stevens, Lucas Gardner, Lucy Connolly, Matilda Calder, Mia Walton, Mollie Kilgour, Nathanial Crowther, Poppy Stant, Robert Darbyshire, Tyler Elwell, William Guest.

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Here are all the new session times for the revised squad structure

SESSION TIMES From 21.8.17

Learn to Swim (NPTS 1-5)
Monday – Thursday 5.30-6.30pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster
Saturday 9.00-13.00pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster

Academy 1
Friday 5.30-6.30pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster

Academy 2
Tuesday & Thursday 6.30-7.30pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster

Academy 3
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6.30-7.30pm ~ King Charles Kidderminster
Sunday* 5.00-6.30pm Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
*NB: Once per month on invitation only

Monday 6pm – 8pm Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Tuesday & Friday 7.30-8.30pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster
Wednesday* 6.00 – 7.30pm – Holy Trinity School (*invitation only)
Sunday 5.00-6.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

Monday 7.30 – 9.00pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Tuesday 8.30 - 9.30pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster
Wednesday 6.00-7.30pm ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Friday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Saturday 8.00 - 9.00am – Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Sunday 6.30-8.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

Silver +
Tuesday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Wednesday 7.30-9.00pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster (allocated ½ group)
Thursday 5.45 – 7.15AM – Holy Trinity School
Thursday 7.30-9.00pm ~ King Charles, Kidderminster (allocated ½ group)
Friday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Sunday 6.30-8.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

Monday 5.45-7.15AM ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster (compulsory)
Monday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Tuesday 5.30-7.30pm ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Wednesday 5.45-7.15AM ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Wednesday 5.00-6.15pm ~ “Pilates” - NicFit, Lisle Ave, Kidderminster
Thursday 5.45-7.15AM ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Thursday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Friday 6.15-7.45pm ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Saturday 8.00-9.00AM ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre (compulsory)
Saturday 9.30-10.15am – “Cross Fit” - NicFit, Lisle Ave, Kidderminster

Monday 8.30-9.30pm ~ King Charles School, Kidderminster
Thursday 5.45 – 7.15 am ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Thursday 7.30-9.30pm ~ Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Friday 7.45-9.15pm ~ Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster
Any party interested in joining WFSC contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a trial

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