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Give a name to each of our little chums and win a 30 minute "1-2-1" with our WFSC International Head Swimming Coach.
Be inventive, be exciting but make sure they are relevant to swimming and if you can, the Wyre Forest District. Remember once they're out there they'll be representing you.

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Crystal vases and coloured plaques won

Over the weekend of 24/25th March, WF swimmers travelled to Wolverhampton for the Stourbridge Crystal Open Meet.  Instead of the usual medals, at this meet first place swimmers received a crystal goblet and second and third places received an appropriately coloured plaque.  There were a massive 56 top three places for WF swimmers, with the club finishing as the third highest club overall! 

Lily Colley (9 yrs) – Gold 50 back, Gold 100 IM, Bronze 100 breast, Bronze 200 breast; Chloe Manning (9 yrs) – Silver 200 back, Bronze 100 IM; Erin Duffy (9 yrs) – Bronze 200 back; Isabella Hoare (10 yrs) – Gold 100 IM, Gold 200 back, Gold 50 free, Gold 100 free, Silver 200 IM, Silver 100 back, Bronze 200 breast; Eve Williams (10 yrs) – Bronze 200 fly; Lillie Grover (11 yrs) – Gold 100 fly, Gold 200 fly, Silver 50 back, Silver 100 back, Silver 200 back, Bronze 200 free, Bronze 50 fly; Ryan Bloomer (11 yrs) – Silver 100 back, Silver 100 IM, Silver 100 fly, Bronze 50 fly, Bronze 200 free; Tyler Elwell (11 yrs) – Silver 100 free, Bronze 50 breast; Alexandra Hayes (12 yrs) – Bronze 100 IM; Jeremy Summers (13 yrs) – Bronze 100 IM; Matilda Calder (14 yrs) – Gold 200 fly, Silver 100 fly, Bronze 200 back; Adam Newey (14 yrs) – Gold 100 fly, Silver 50 back, Silver 100 back, Silver 200 back; Imogen Cook (15 yrs) – Gold 200 back, Bronze 50 breast, Bronze 200 breast; Emily Watkiss (15 yrs) – Bronze 50 free, Bronze 200 free; Charles Brown (15 yrs) Gold 200 breast, Silver 50 breast, Silver 100 breast, Bronze 200 IM; William Guest (15 yrs) – Gold 200 free, Silver 200 back, Bronze 50 free; Daniel Hardiman (15 yrs) – Silver 200 IM; Abbie Rowley (16 yrs/over) – Gold 50 free; Dylan Smith (16 yrs/over) – Silver 50 back, Bronze 200 free, Bronze 200 back; Oliver Dobbins (16 yrs/over) – Silver 100 back.

Also taking part were:- Erin Freer, James Green, Brecon Westwood, Marieke Parker, Ella Rowley, Charlotte Holford, Holly Tandy Smith, Shay Davies, Thomas Brown, Shay Parker, Theo Crowther, Millie McDonald Booth, James Rushton, Iona Denton, Esme Marsters, Jessica Sadler  and Isobel Bradley.

Thanks must go to Andrew Gilbert-Bevan, Stewart Parker and Georgina Denton for all their hard work pool side with the swimmers and also to Captain Dylan Smith who helped to sort out the swimmers as well as competing in his own races.  Coach Andrew Gilbert-Bevan stated, ‘A very well done to all swimmers today. You are a credit to yourselves and the club.’  Stewart Parker also added, ‘Another well done to all swimmers today. As Andrew said yesterday you really are a credit to yourselves and the club. You should all be very proud of yourselves and each other!!’


stourbridge2018vase stourbridge2018

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Swimming the distance
Over the weekend of the 17/18th March WF swimmers attended their first Level 1 Meet of the qualifying window at Aldershot Barracks Sports Centre.  This long course meet pitted the travelling Foresters against some strong teams from the South East & London area. They did the Midlands proud winning 12 medals in total over the two day event, despite the mini beast from the east trying to stop them competing on the Sunday!
Nathaniel Crowther led the way with a superb Gold medal performance in the 200 back recording a new PB of 2:19.85 and a very high ranking position.  After two Bronze medal swims in the 50 breast & free, Abbie Rowley left the best for last with a strong 30.8 in the 50 fly to take Gold.  Jasmin Yates entered 8 events and won 6 medals with 3 Silver (200 fly, 400 IM & 200 back) & 3 Bronze (50 & 100 back and 100 fly).  Rob Darbyshire picked up Silver in a well paced 400 free as did Imogen Cook in the 200 back.  Bradley Baddams and Lucy Nicholls moved on from their recent swims in Swansea and Matilda Calder & Ryan Bloomer set some notable PB’s at the start of this long course season.

Head Coach Brian McGuinness stated, “All the swimmers approached their swims like professional athletes and grew through the meet. I was very proud of them! Not only that we had great fun too.”   Well done all!

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The mighty dozen!!

Twelve swimmers from Wyre Forest attended the Stoke Open Meet at Fenton Manor over the weekend of 7th/8th April.

This small band of swimmers managed to win 14 medals between them:-
Erin Duffy (9 yrs) – Silver 50 breast, Bronze 100 IM; Tyler Elwell (11 yrs) – Silver 100 free, Bronze 50 free, Bronze 50 breast; Ryan Bloomer (11 yrs) – Silver 200 free, Bronze 400 free, Bronze 200 fly; Lois Stevens (14 yrs) – Silver 200 back, Bronze 100 back, Bronze 200 breast; Adam Newey (14 yrs) – Bronze 200 back, Bronze 100 fly, Bronze 50 back. Also competing were:- Dylan Smith, Lily Colley, Lucy Connolly, Ella Rowley, Oliver Dobbins, Brecon Westwood and Shay Parker.

Our Coach for the meet, Emma Elwell, stated ‘I would just like to say what a great team atmosphere there was on poolside which helped to produce some great swims as well.’

One of our parents commented, ‘Fantastic team atmosphere at Stoke this weekend!! Well done to Emma Elwell, Dylan Smith and Donna Stevens. Was fabulous to see all the swimmers of all ages supporting each other - helping with the warm ups, good luck hugs in the marshalling line ups and the loudest support poolside during each others races! I’m sure that all helped produce some great swims!! Very proud to be a Forester!



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Bringing home the bling!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend of 26/27th May, Wyre Forest swimmers travelled to the GL1 Centre in Gloucester for the Southwold Open Meet.

This was a well attended meet with medals awarded to the top 8 swimmers in the age group 9-12 and medals for the top 3 swimmers in the 13, 14 and 15 & over age group. The top 6 finishes in each age group were awarded points – 6 for 1st place, 5th for 2nd place etc – with the points added up at the end of the meet to give us Top Boy, Top Girl and Top Club awards. Speeding Tickets were awarded to anyone swimming faster than the upper time limits and although these were awarded with a speeding certificate, no points were given and no medals collected.

Wyre Forest finished as the third placed club overall, with the Wyre Forest girls finishing top out of all the girls. Wyre Forest had five swimmers placed in the top three of the Top Boy/Girl competition. Adam Newey (14) and Lois Stevens (14) both finished second overall, with Lily Colley (10), Lillie Grover (11) and Ella Rowley (12) all finishing in third place in their respective age groups.

Collecting medals for top 3 finishes in their races were:
Chloe Manning (9) Gold 100m back, Silver 200m IM, Silver 200m back, Silver 200m free; Lilly Colley (10) Gold 200m back, Silver 50m back, Silver 50m free, Bronze 50 fly, Bronze 200m free; Iona Denton (10) Gold 200m breast; Brecon Westwood (10) Gold 100m IM, Bronze 100m free; Eve Williams (10) Gold 200m fly, Silver 50m fly, Bronze 100m fly; Ryan Bloomer (11) Gold 200m IM, Gold 100m free, Gold 200m free, Gold 100m fly; James Green (11) Silver 200m breast; Lillie Grover (11) Gold 200m free, Silver 200m IM, Silver 50m fly, Silver 100m free; Isabella Hoare (11) Bronze 200m back, Bronze 100m fly; Lucy Connolly (12) Gold 100m free, Gold 50m back, Silver 200m IM, Silver 50m fly; Erin Freer (12) Gold 200m fly, Bronze 100m fly; Millie Gardner (12) Gold 50m free, Gold 200m free, Silver 50m back; Millie McDonald Booth (12) Bronze 200m back; Ella Rowley (12) Gold 100m IM, Silver 200m back, Silver 100m fly; Jeremy Summers (13) Gold 50m free, Gold 100m free, Gold 50m fly; Adam Newey (14) Gold 200m back, Gold 50m fly, Gold 200m IM, Gold 200m free, Silver 50m breast, Silver 100m free, Bronze 50m free; Lois Stevens (14) Gold 100m back, Gold 50m back, Silver 200m IM, Silver 100m free, Silver 200m back, Bronze 200m breast, Bronze 200m free; Oliver Dobbins (15+) Gold 50m fly, Silver 100m free, Silver 100m fly; Will Guest (15+) Gold 100m free, Silver 200m free, Silver 50m back, Bronze 100m IM, Bronze 50m free; Dylan Smith (15+) Gold 50m breast, Gold 50m back, Gold 100m back, Bronze 200m back, Bronze 200m free; Emily Watkiss (15+) Silver 50m fly, Silver 200m free.

Wyre Forest received 26 speeding tickets – Jeremy Summers 6, Ryan Bloomer 4, Lillie Grover 3, Millie Gardner 2, Dylan Smith 2, Adam Newey 2, Lucy Connolly 2, Oliver Dobbins 2, Chloe Manning 1, Lily Colley 1, Ella Rowley 1.

Also picking up medals for 4th-8th finishes were Shay Parker , Erin Duffy and James Green and completing the WF team were – Francesca Cook, Charlotte Holford, Holly Tandy Smith, Florence Meehan and Shay Davies.

This was a great meet with swimmers setting lots of new PB’s and gaining early county qualifying times. Thank you to Brian, Andrew, Immy, Georgina and Donna for supporting the swimmers poolside.



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