Wyre Forest Swimming Club

Any announcement about anything important, meets, closures, holidays, leagues etc. the website should be the first port of call if you are uncertain.

With the help of Ian Lane and Andy GB, we’re hoping to bring back the website as the hub of communication of the club as it was about a year ago, with links back and forth from Swim Manager and Facebook as appropriate.

The website is really the public face of the club and an alternative entry point for all things swimming/admin/social. You will see the full stories that are handed into the papers, not the heavily doctored versions that the papers choose to print. The website is basically a document and article/news management platform. There is also a restricted access part of the website for which you need a login (not the same as Swim Manager)

Swim Manager is now the hub of organising all things swimming/training/billing/meets, as it’s designed to do that job. You will need a login (not the same as the website), if you require help with this please email Ian Lane This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Facebook Groups (we have 3 main ones : Public, Closed and Masters these are really our club forums and are for all things social/admin/emergency notices.

Twitter is run by Jeanette Lane but that is more for club marketing, you will see messages about LTS and meets and promoting our top swimmers past and present like Claire Cashmore, Amy Smith and more recently Sam Osborne.

If there is an emergency closure of a pool or some other urgent message, then notices will go out via Website, Facebook Groups, Text (using Swim Manager) and sometimes Emails and Twitter.

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