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Crystal vases and coloured plaques won

Over the weekend of 24/25th March, WF swimmers travelled to Wolverhampton for the Stourbridge Crystal Open Meet.  Instead of the usual medals, at this meet first place swimmers received a crystal goblet and second and third places received an appropriately coloured plaque.  There were a massive 56 top three places for WF swimmers, with the club finishing as the third highest club overall! 

Lily Colley (9 yrs) – Gold 50 back, Gold 100 IM, Bronze 100 breast, Bronze 200 breast; Chloe Manning (9 yrs) – Silver 200 back, Bronze 100 IM; Erin Duffy (9 yrs) – Bronze 200 back; Isabella Hoare (10 yrs) – Gold 100 IM, Gold 200 back, Gold 50 free, Gold 100 free, Silver 200 IM, Silver 100 back, Bronze 200 breast; Eve Williams (10 yrs) – Bronze 200 fly; Lillie Grover (11 yrs) – Gold 100 fly, Gold 200 fly, Silver 50 back, Silver 100 back, Silver 200 back, Bronze 200 free, Bronze 50 fly; Ryan Bloomer (11 yrs) – Silver 100 back, Silver 100 IM, Silver 100 fly, Bronze 50 fly, Bronze 200 free; Tyler Elwell (11 yrs) – Silver 100 free, Bronze 50 breast; Alexandra Hayes (12 yrs) – Bronze 100 IM; Jeremy Summers (13 yrs) – Bronze 100 IM; Matilda Calder (14 yrs) – Gold 200 fly, Silver 100 fly, Bronze 200 back; Adam Newey (14 yrs) – Gold 100 fly, Silver 50 back, Silver 100 back, Silver 200 back; Imogen Cook (15 yrs) – Gold 200 back, Bronze 50 breast, Bronze 200 breast; Emily Watkiss (15 yrs) – Bronze 50 free, Bronze 200 free; Charles Brown (15 yrs) Gold 200 breast, Silver 50 breast, Silver 100 breast, Bronze 200 IM; William Guest (15 yrs) – Gold 200 free, Silver 200 back, Bronze 50 free; Daniel Hardiman (15 yrs) – Silver 200 IM; Abbie Rowley (16 yrs/over) – Gold 50 free; Dylan Smith (16 yrs/over) – Silver 50 back, Bronze 200 free, Bronze 200 back; Oliver Dobbins (16 yrs/over) – Silver 100 back.

Also taking part were:- Erin Freer, James Green, Brecon Westwood, Marieke Parker, Ella Rowley, Charlotte Holford, Holly Tandy Smith, Shay Davies, Thomas Brown, Shay Parker, Theo Crowther, Millie McDonald Booth, James Rushton, Iona Denton, Esme Marsters, Jessica Sadler  and Isobel Bradley.

Thanks must go to Andrew Gilbert-Bevan, Stewart Parker and Georgina Denton for all their hard work pool side with the swimmers and also to Captain Dylan Smith who helped to sort out the swimmers as well as competing in his own races.  Coach Andrew Gilbert-Bevan stated, ‘A very well done to all swimmers today. You are a credit to yourselves and the club.’  Stewart Parker also added, ‘Another well done to all swimmers today. As Andrew said yesterday you really are a credit to yourselves and the club. You should all be very proud of yourselves and each other!!’


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