• HOLD THE DATE! 7th & 8th December Winter Meet


  • HOLD THE DATE! 14th & 15th March 2020 Spring Meet

Learn to Swim – Stage 4 – Green Hats

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy (Floating and Sinking)
  2. Perform a tuck float for 5 seconds
  3. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (min 3) whilst floating at the surface
  4. Push and glides from the wall to the pool floor
  5. Kick 2 widths Backstroke (Streamline body position)
  6. Kick 2 widths Frontcrawl (Streamline body position)
  7. Kick 2 widths Butterfly on front and back
  8. Kick 10 meters Breaststroke on the back
  9. Kick 2 widths Breaststroke on front
  10. Perform on the back a head first sculling action for 5 meters
  11. Travel on back and roll in one continuous movement onto their front
  12. Travel on front and roll in one continuous movement onto their back
  13. Swim 2 widths of a stoke of their choice
  14. Perform good Front crawl arms with kick
  15. Perform good Backstroke arms with leg kick
  16. Perform correct Breaststroke arm pull
  17. Attempted good Butterfly arm action


All must be observed and carried out, to a reasonable standard, on, at least, three separate occasions

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