Wyre Forest Swimming Club

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Wyre Forest Swimming Club (WFSC) is the only ASA Affiliated Competitive Swimmign Club in the Wyre Forest district.  

We organise a full range of Learn To Swim (LTS) and a Competitive Swimming Training Programme because we believe:

  • The sport of competitive swimming should be available to all. 
  • We should be a positive force within the local community, providing a 'family' atmosphere that not just the swimmers but their families wish to be around and to get involved with.
  • Taking part in a swimming training programme involves a degree of self-discipline and self-motivation which are essential lifeskills for any child to learn. 
  • Swimming is a life skill, not just a sport.  Knowing how to swim can save your life in an emergency and over an extended period of time it can help lengthen your lifespan as part of a healthy lifestyle.  It is a sport you can take part in at any age. 

In addition to our primary swimming activities, we :

  • Encourage participation and promotion of the sport to youngsters through our work with local schools including the organising and running of a Schools Gala in January/February of each year.
  • Organise family and fun events such as the Club Barbeque, "Wyre In The Wilderness" or "Team Days" and Club Championships Presentation Night. 
  • Provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for you to enjoy and improve your swimming at any standard at any age. 

We look forward to seeing you poolside!