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County Development is the largest squad and is made of two sub-squads: County Development 'A' and County Development 'B'. Swimmers move from Progression into County Development 'A' if they have:

  • Proven regular attendance at Progression or SwimFit
  • Proven positive attitude to training at Progression or SwimFit
  • Consistent and regular entry into team competitions and/or targetted Club Competitions
  • Proven they can complete sets of 30+ mins at a high intensity.

It is in County Development that swimmers are developed into regular County qualifiers and prepared for moves into Performance Squads if so desired.  Swimmers deemed by the coaches to be able to cope with the intense training levels of the Performance Squads could move into Regional Development Squad from either of the County Development Sub-Squads. Normally however swimmers will move from County Development 'A' into County Development 'B' based upon regular "Test Sets" used to ascertain the swimmers abilty to cope with high levels of training. In addition to pool-time this is the first squad that includes regular land-training as part of it's standard programme in order to help the swimmers develop flexibility and core strength.

Swimmers do not have to progress from this squad into any other and can choose to remain at this level of swimming if they are content to do so. For those that wish to further develop their competitive swimming skills however, they are able to move into Regional Development on acheiving prescribed criteria. In order to assist older swimmers who may have started later and need some additional training there is an extra morning training session available to swimmers in County Development who achieve prescribed criteria.

In this squad swimmers will continue to develop and reinforce efficient technique, swim skills, race experience and build up further endurance and still higher levels of intensity of training. Typical age of swimmers in this squad is 10-15 years old. Swimmers in this squad swim four times a week in King Charles I School Pool, Holy Trinity and in Stourport Leisure Centre and are expected to enter our Club Championships and also ASA Licensed Open Meets including our own Wyre Forest Christmas County Qualifier held in December of each year.

Session Times

Swimmers in County Development swim four times per week as specified in our session times here.

Teachers and Coaches

County Development is led by Dave McMahon.

Targeted Competitions

The targeted competitions for this squad can be found here.

All swimmers in this squad are expected to enter all events in the Club Championships held in the autumn and attend all Club targetted meets and make themselves available for selection to the League Competitions as appropriate.

ASA Key Stages

Not applicable, this squad is a coaching based squad and the programme is geared around an annual calendar of local and regional swimming galas throughout the year.

Equipment Required

All swimmers ideally should be in posession of:

  • A blank WFSC Swim Hat
  • A named WFSC Swim Hat (can be obtained from the Club Shop)
  • Two pairs of Goggles (one spare)
  • Proper swimming trunks or costume, no baggy shorts.
  • A pullbuoy
  • A kick board
  • Training Fins
  • Hand Paddles
  • Two Water Bottles

Swimmer Discipline

All swimmers should be on poolside ready to begin training at the designated squad times with hat on, goggle on, ready for instructions by the teacher or coach.  The Swimmer's Code of Conduct can be found here.

Parents Guidelines

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their swimmers in this group.  The teacher or coach may approach you for help in dealing with any issues, goggle, hat etc, but please do not do the following:

  • Go up to poolside to speak to your child without first speaking to the teacher or coach.
  • Attempt to teach/coach your child from poolside yourself. If you wish to help out teaching and coaching please speak to us first.
  • Distract the teacher or coach by attempting to engage them in conversation about your swimmer(s) during the lesson.

If you have specific questions or wish to discuss your child's progress, please wait until after the session to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place. The Parent's Code of Conduct can be found here.


The current fees for this squad can be found here. Please read our Fee's Policy so you understand how the Club Fees structure works.




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