Club Championships

What are the Club Championships?

The Club Championships are held at the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre.  They give swimmers the opportunity to record race times for each swimming event in a friendly yet competitive environment.  They

 are a great progress indicator year to year, they allow swimmers to compete against others with similar times, they provide times for swimmers to register for external competitions such as our Open Meet in December at Wolverhampton. There is a chance of winning medals and trophies as points are awarded for the top five swimmers of each race. In terms of confidence and dev

elopment, the earlier children start competitive swimming the better, but talk to your child’s coach if you have any concerns. The Club Championships are extremely exciting to watch and to participate in, but most importantly it gives everybody associated with the Club the chance to socialise, to have some fun, and try their luck in a raffle even!  To round it all off, there is the Club Championships Presentation Evening in January at the Kidderminster Harriers Social Club when awards will be presented to all swimmers who competed. Each Age Group has an award for the swimmer that accumulates the most points across the Championships and in addition many of the events have a trophy for the individual winner. Medals are given to the top five places in each age-group in each event and ALL competitors will receive an award.

How do the Club Championships work?

The Championships are run in accordance with WFSC Club Championships rules and ASA Competition rules, using the ‘One Start Rule’. A copy of the rules can be found on the Club website .  All events will be a Heat Declared Win (HDW). This means that the time each swimmer records in their race is sorted into order within their age group and places worked out accordingly. Male and females swim in separate alternate events, except for some of the longer distance events which are combined. In these combined events, male and female swimmers still only compete against swimmers of their own sex.  Each event is organized by swimmers entry time, usually their Personal Best (PB), starting with the slowest, finishing with the fastest, regardless of age. If no entry time has been submitted then an estimated time is used, based on times of similar swimmers.  The races are grouped by age of the swimmer and range from 25 metre events, for those swimmers aged 8 and under, through to 1,500 freestyle events for older swimmers. There are 9 age groups: 8yrs & under, 9 yrs, 10 yrs, 11 yrs, 12 yrs, 13/14 yrs, 15/16 yrs, 17 yrs – 24 yrs, 25yrs and over. For the purpose of these Championships, age is at 31st December of the year of competition. The five fastest swimmers in each age group will be awarded points in each event as follows: 1st Place – 5 points, 2nd Place – 4 points, 3rd place – 3 points, 4th Place – 2 points, 5th Place – 1 point. Points are accumulated throughout the Championships.

Can I help out?

The Club Championships are run by the Club for the Club.  The event requires timekeepers, marshals, door helpers and many other jobs, none of which require prior experience!  Just email to offer your support or you you want to know more about helping out at a meet or with the club in general click here to find out more. Due to the seating limit of 80 imposed by the venue, it’s a great idea to volunteer – by being a helper you guarantee yourself a poolside view of your child swimming for free!
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