Poolside Volunteers

WYRE FOREST SWIMMING CLUB host their own Open Meets, Club Champs and occasional League events. The success of these events rely on  our wonderful friends and families of our swimmers helping the club succeed.

Running swimming meets requires a lot of organisation and help from families and friends of WFSC. Swimmer’s families are actively encouraged to get involved and become part of the WFSC ‘Red Army’ and it is only with these kind people that make our meets such a success.

No previous experience is required and you certainly don’t need to be an expert in Swimming! There is a role for everyone and it often beats sweating in the stands as you will be up close to the action and be able to support your swimmer poolside!

The roles the volunteers are responsible for covering include:

 – Admissions – To cover the costs of pool hire and other expenses we do have to charge our spectators therefore it’s necessary for our volunteers to meet and greet our spectators 

 – Marshalling – Making sure swimmers are in the correct event and heats

 – Awarding Medals – Once the results are in, the swimmers have the delight of collecting their medals. You have the opportunity to have the pleasure of handing out those medals

 – Refreshments & Catering –  We provide our volunteers and officials with poolside refreshments and lunch and although the food is often prepared in advance, help is still required to prepare and serve it on the day.

 – Other Roles Include;

 – Displaying results

 – Changing room patrols

 – Results running to our medals table

 – Administration

 – Results recording 

 The  ‘Red Army’ is made up of those who have volunteered previously and often new faces. It is a great way to meet families of other swimmers and being closer to the action whilst helping out WFSC. 

All of our volunteers have to have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate which we manage…all we need you to do is get in touch and we’ll do the rest!

There will often be reminders prior to a meet calling for volunteers, but if you would like to register your interest or if you would like to know more please email volunteers@wfsc.org.uk.


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