The Committee

The smooth running of any club is sometimes like climbing a mountain! However the Wyre Forest Swimming Club committee works as a team to provide the best the club can offer its members and is completely dependent on volunteers. The committee is there to lead the key aspects of the club but this also relies on those in the background working hard in their specific areas.

The purpose of the committee is to represent the swimmers, account holders and make decisions that impact the future of the club. This is no mean feat and the running of the club has to consider many different aspects. Below is a list of roles often supported by other volunteers. The following list illustrates the roles WFSC have available and whether the role is currently filled and by whom:

  • Executive Committee
    • President:- Vacant
  • Committee Officials:
    • Chair:- Nigel Elwell
    • Vice Chairman:- Vacant
    • Club Secretary:- Becki Rowley
    • Club Treasurer:- Martin Brown
  • Committee Members:
    • Membership Secretary:- Carole Walters
      • Public Relations:- Vacant
    • Welfare Officer:- Donna Stephens
    • Funding/Sponsorship Co-ordinator: – Vacant
    • Volunteers Co-ordinator:- Stewart Parker
    • IT:- Stewart Parker
    • Officials Co-ordinator:- Carl Yates
    • Schools Liaison:- Vacant
    • Club Development:- Kim Calder
    • Parents & Supporters Association Representative:- Jeannette Lane
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