Wyre Forest Swimming Club: Annual General Meeting

Wyre Forest Swimming Club: Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday 12th February 2020 at Holy Trinity School from 7.30 pm

The club holds an Annual General Meeting each year to elect the Committee for the coming year, to review the previous year and to look ahead to the coming year. All Full and Junior members of the club are invited to attend.

The club is dependent on unpaid volunteers fulfilling the various roles needed for the club to function effectively, and if you feel that you can contribute to the club in the running of its activities, fund-raising etc. and would like the opportunity of becoming a Trustee of the Charity; please add your name to the list below or email becki.rowley@wfsc.org.uk advising of the applicant and secondee.


Each Trustee will be designated roles of responsibility as shown below. In accordance with ASA Guidelines one of the two Welfare Officers is not a Committee Member or Trustee to retain a level of impartiality. However each committee member heads up a volunteer team in that area – if you do not want to be on the committee but can give any amount of time, however small, to help maintain and build your swimmers club, then please also contact us – we really do need every pair of hands to make this club great for the swimmers.

Members are reminded that to be eligible for selection as a committee member or to vote at the AGM you must be over the age of 18 and your membership to the club must be fully paid up. 

Please contact Carole Walters (carole.walters@btinternet.com) to become a member, annual ASA parent membership is £10

All applications must be seconded by a full club member. In the event of more applications than vacant positions, a vote will be held between those full and eligible club members that are present at the Annual General Meeting.


Trustees and Committee Members 2020:



Current Holder Applicants’ Names Seconded by Applicants’ Names Seconded by
Chair Nigel Elwell (Trustee)        
Secretary Becki Rowley (Trustee)        
Finance Officer Martin Brown (Trustee)        
Membership Secretary Carole Walters (Trustee)        
Welfare Officer (Female) Donna Stevens (Trustee)        
Communications Officer Stewart Parker (Trustee)    


Competitions Officer Vacant (Trustee)        
Officials & Volunteers Coordinator


Carl Yates (Trustee)        
Welfare Officer (Male)

Non Committee & Non Trustee





Committee Sub-Teams waiting for willing volunteers to join and help!:


  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Competitions
  • Volunteers
  • Quality
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